Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Transition ...

As I transition back to Bangalore, I found these lines healing...

Above the mountains
the geese turn into
the light again

Painting their
black silhouettes
on an open sky.

Sometimes everything
has to be
inscribed across
the heavens

so you can find
the one line
already written
inside you.

Sometimes it takes
a great sky
to find that

first, bright
and indescribable
wedge of freedom
in your own heart.

Sometimes with
the bones of the black
sticks left when the fire
has gone out

someone has written
something new
in the ashes of your life.

You are not leaving.
Even as the light fades quickly now,
you are arriving.

- by English poet and philosopher David Whyte

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

As We Survive

Some days just come together,

Known patterns, small idiosyncrasies,

Like members of same family,

Almost twins.

Other days are visitors,

Often from another planet.

Some days sit peacefully

Separate, as spices.

But will make something 

Richly flavored and complete.

Other days are known, 

Expected, even tolerated,

Like noisy, smelly stations of a 

Long distance destination,

On one's yearly visit home.

With Some days

You make friends, only after a decade,

Once cleaned of daily struggle, 

Sharp edges blunt,

Colored in soft, pastel


Some days,

Well, you can't speak of them 

Without lowering your voice.

They are not your share,

But someone's curse, others' blessings.

You have waited for them

Without knowing, while you were 

Busy with all other days.

They ask, they demand,

But in your answer, if you take 

All of you, without hiding,

Or saving some for later

The totality of your being will 

Be defined, transformed,

Touched with a second life,

Deeper, more alive.

(-J, 15/10/14, 8.47am)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

When I Die...

When I leave,
May I not have
Outlived my purpose,
Or get too late to die.

A little early is actually
Fine. If nothing major
Is left mid-way,
A bit of tying up
Can take care of itself.

May I not go
Miserably famished
Or wounded.
But have come to terms
With what life gave,
And what I returned

May there are some
Kind thoughts, fond memories.
And rest is forgotten.

May I leave
As one does a good party
To go back to one's home.
Warm and Welcoming -
In any season,
On any day!